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Chapter 1:Introduction to Restitution

  1. Introduction to Law and Equity

  2. Examples of Restitution in Law and Equity

Chapter 2:Benefits Conferred Voluntarily

  1. Introduction

  2. Benefits Conferred Upon Request

    1. Contract and Quasi Contract

    2. Misunderstanding: More of Contract and Quasi Contract

  3. Benefits Conferred without Request

    1. In General

    2. Benefits Conferred in Protection of Existing Property Rights

Chapter 3:Benefits Conferred Through Compulsion


By Laws Sections 1-7

I  Parliamentary Procedures

The parliamentary rules and procedures provided in the Code of Procedure of the Student Bar Association (SBA) House of Representatives (House), shall be incorporated herein with the same force and effect as if set forth herein at length.

II  Budgetary Matters

1.      Each organization funded by the SBA shall be required to submit a preliminary budget request which shall include an estimate of the amount of money to be allocated for extra-school functions.  Extra-school functions shall be defined as conventions, seminars, or other activities sponsored by the SBA, and not wholly sponsored by St. John’s University School of Law.

2.      An itemized estimate of required funds and requisition therefor shall be filed with the SBA Secretary/Treasurer (Secretary/Treasurer) before the activity occurs.  Appended to this requisition shall be a list of those individuals who have been authorized by the participating organization to attend the extra-school function.

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American Legal Ethics Library        Contains full-text of, or links to, professional conduct codes of most
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Uniform Commercial Code Locator
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Student Bar Associations (SBA)

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government of the School of Law. It functions as the medium for the expression and advocacy of students’ views and the protection of their interests, and acts as liaison between the student body, the faculty, and the administration of the school. The Executive Board of the SBA consists of a President, Academic VP, VP for the Evening Students, VP for the Day Students, Treasurer, Secretary and Associate VP for the Evening Students. The governing body of the SBA is the House of Representatives. Each officer is elected in a general student election of the school to serve a one year term. The House of Representatives is made up of delegates from each section of the first, second, third, and fourth year classes. They are elected by their respective classmates to serve one year terms.

All matriculated students of the School of Law are automatically members of the SBA and eligible to serve on its Committees. These Committees, which are either provided for in the SBA Constitution or established by the Executive Board, deal with numerous aspects of and bear responsibility for the general operation of student affairs. Their obligations include representing student concerns to the faculty and the administration, sponsoring a variety of educational, social and cultural events, and serving as the central administration for the SBA funded student organizations and National Legal Fraternities. Continue reading Student Bar Associations (SBA)



Here’s some simple advice:

  1. Do not rely on St. John’s OCS.

? Under no circumstances should you ONLY partake in the OCS run On-Campus Interview (OCI) program, thinking you’ll certainly land a summer associate position.  Wrong.  You need to send your resumes and applications to every possible reasonably-sized firm within commuting range.

  1. Despite recommendations from the pundits to “research firms to see which ones are a fit for you” forget this advice: Apply to every firm attending OCI.

Bottomline: Disregarding the above two simple rules will result in no summer associate position for 96% of you, and no job offer for post-graduation, leading to an exceedingly stressful third year (or fourth year for evening students) at school.