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Public Interest Law

What is Public Interest Law?

Attorneys involved in the field of public interest law work to provide legal counsel for the poor, and those of limited means in such areas as immigration, domestic violence, family court mediation, death penalty advocacy, police misconduct, environmental advocacy, and community service.

What is the SJU Law Public Interest Committee?

As part of the Student Bar Association, the Public Interest Committee is made up of dedicated law students of all years who have the drive to participate in achieving public interest goals.

What does the Public Interest Committee do?

The Committee works with various public interest organizations, the law School administration, and the Career Services Office, in an effort to coordinate campus activities including panel presentations, blood drives, and the annual Public Interest Auction.  These Committee-sponsored activities educate students about the rewards and realities that public interest attorneys face, while at the same time providing students with the opportunity to network with members in the field.

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