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St John’s University Law Library
American Bar Association
New York State Bar Association
Association of the Bar of the City of New York

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St John’s University Law Library
Library Web at Columbia University

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Miscellaneous Links
National Conference of Bar Examiners
New York State Bar Exam Info
Jurist Legal Network
Divorce Is Tough
NYS Unified Courts –
Local District Attorney’s Offices Other Links
Bronx County DA
Queens County DA
New York (Manhattan) County DA
Kings (Brooklyn) County DA
Richmond (Staten Island) County DA


American Law Sources Online –
Cross the Bar –
NALP Directory –

American Legal Ethics Library        Contains full-text of, or links to, professional conduct codes of most
states. In addition, major law firms have contributed narratives in
professional-conduct law in their respective states.

Department of Justice- Antitrust Division

Links to recent news, case filings, or speeches given on trade
regulation. Links on the side of the page access recent press releases,
antitrust case filings back to 1994, and forms for obtaining documents
through FOIA requests or reporting a possible antitrust violation. The
Public Documents page contains appellate briefs (from 1993), business
reviews, criminal enforcement, speeches, testimony, links to worldwide
antitrust sites, and much more.

Acronym and abbreviation source. Search by topic or alphabetically.

Uniform Commercial Code Locator
This locator from the Legal Information Institute points to state
statutes that correspond to the articles of the Uniform Commercial Code.